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'There is the Pope, and there is Valentino. In this city, I don't know who else is as famous.' So said Walter Veltroni (of The New Yorker) of Rome - and with good reason. Since his start in women's couture in 1960, Valentino Garavani's name has been synonymous with high-living opulence. Small wonder, then, that this attitude carried over into the menswear collection he launched in 1972. Marked by sleek, sophisticated lines fit for the red carpet, Valentino's suiting and eveningwear are sartorial elegance at its best. Though Valentino himself stepped down in 2008, designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli remain true to the label's luxurious vision.

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  • $3290.00

    Valentino Women's Panther Compact Knit Fitted

  • $2945.00

    Valentino Women's Panther Shoulder Bag

  • $2275.00

    Valentino Women's Rockstud Messenger Bag

  • $325.00

    Valentino Women's Rockstud Zip Card Case

  • $3350.00

    Valentino Women's Lace Wool Silk Minidress

  • $690.00

    Valentino Women's Panther Print Cotton Jersey

  • $1790.00

    Valentino Women's Panther Rib Knit Polo Shirt

  • $2690.00

    Valentino Women's Scalloped Leather A Line Miniskirt

  • $1790.00

    Valentino Women's Grid Print Wool Silk Wide Leg

  • $2945.00

    Valentino Women's Panther Shoulder Bag

  • $2275.00

    Valentino Women's Rockstud Messenger Bag

  • $7950.00

    Valentino Women's Panther Embroidered Calfskin

  • $2950.00

    Valentino Women's Wool Silk Crepe Romper

  • $2675.00

    Valentino Women's Lock Mini Crossbody Bag

  • $1545.00

    Valentino Women's Rockstud Spike Shoulder Bag

  • $2950.00

    Valentino Floral Jacquard Party Skirt Yellow Pink

  • $2250.00

    Valentino 3 4 Sleeve Boxy Lace Trim Sweater Red

  • $3690.00

    Valentino Sleeveless Floral Waves Dress Multi

  • $4980.00

    Valentino Ruffled Long Sleeve Floral Circle Dress

  • $9900.00

    Valentino Short Sleeve Mohair Embroidered Dress

  • $6980.00

    Valentino Floral Print Silk Crepe De Chine Shirtdress

  • $11700.00

    Valentino Flower Wave Tie Neck Dress Blue Black

  • $5850.00

    Valentino Butterfly Embroidered Trenchcoat Black

  • $970.00

    Valentino Band Collar Poplin Bib Blouse White

  • $4980.00

    Valentino Butterfly Embroidered Silk Bomber Jacker

  • $3890.00

    Valentino Embroidered Caban Coat Navy

  • $5200.00

    Valentino Floral Brocade Single Breasted Coat

  • $67000.00

    Valentino Intarsia Mink Fur Coat Brown White

  • $1450.00

    Valentino Short Sleeve Pleated Silk Top Black

  • $1650.00

    Valentino Long Sleeve Georgette Blouse Black

  • $3750.00

    Valentino Floral Circle Pleated Skirt Pink Pattern

  • $1490.00

    Valentino Colorblock Pleated Crepe Skirt Multi

  • $1390.00

    Valentino Rockstud Scalloped Crepe Miniskirt

  • $1290.00

    Valentino Virgin Wool Button Pocket Culotte Pants

  • $1390.00

    Valentino Rockstud Scalloped Crepe Miniskirt

  • $1350.00

    Valentino Crepe Couture Culotte Pants Black

  • $14700.00

    Valentino Floral Embroidered Mid Length Coat Green

  • $1450.00

    Valentino Crepe Couture Scalloped Top With Rockstud

  • $1350.00

    Valentino Short Sleeve Cable Knit Crop Top Navy

  • $3980.00

    Valentino Double Breasted Floral Wave Jacket Multi

  • $1490.00

    Valentino Floral Circle Tie Neck Blouse Pink Pattern

  • $1950.00

    Valentino Long Sleeve Floral Print Silk Turtleneck

  • $2275.00

    Valentino Rockstud Flip Lock Messenger Bag Red

  • $1745.00

    Valentino Bebop Ring Loop Handle Clutch Bag

  • $3375.00

    Valentino Bebop Loop Mink Fur Top Handle Bag

  • $4295.00

    Valentino Demilune Sequined Double Handle Tote

  • $1195.00

    Valentino Love Blade Wool Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

  • $3045.00

    Valentino Demilune Leather Double Handle Tote

  • $1325.00

    Valentino Chain Trim Suede Ankle Boots

  • $3045.00

    Valentino Demilune Leather Double Handle Tote